Dancing Water Speakers

Groove to your very own liquid light show as you listen to your favorite tunes on these speakers. The two USB-powered desktop speakers feature powerful, built-in liquid light that dances and changes colors to the beat of the music. Just plug them into your computer and enjoy the show.

Chainsaw Stick Figure Decal

Made of 7 Years Premium quality Outdoor Vinyl Material, waterproof, self-adhesive, and removable. Decal will not fade or run when wet. Decals can be EASY applied to any clean, smooth, flat surface. Decal has clear application tape over the top for easy application, Clear application tape is removed once Decal is applied.

3DD Deluxe

In 2010, model-turned-fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves turned his 3-D photography hobby and the willingness of some of his model friends into the surprise hit 3DD. From CoolHunter to Gizmodo, South African GQ to Uncrate, readers discovered the book and made the first printing disappear in record time. Hargreaves has turned his attention to his next project. Having obtained new technology to make the 3-D images even more vivid and precise, he's ready to oblige the dozens of friends and models from his years in the fashion industry who loved his first book. With crisp, eye-popping photographs, this all-new celebration of the female form earns its title without taking anything away from its progenitor.

Assassin's Creed Jacket

Assassin's Creed Jacket
Looking for the best Halloween costume this year? Grab this jacket and a couple hidden blades and you have one that is sure to please any gamer. However, the jacket is useable as an everyday "Look how badass I am" jacket as well.

Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade

Assassin's Creed Replica Gauntlet
This is a highly-detailed, spring-loaded replica. It extends to over 15 inches in length and comes equipped with a locking safety mechanism. Parents don't worry, its only made of high-quality PVC (plastic).

Automated Pro Microbrewery

This is the automated brewing system used in professional microbreweries, scaled for the home brewmeister. Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, this Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (HERM) system creates a refreshing lager, a spirited Hefe-weizen, or a full-bodied stout by simply entering a recipe via an integrated touch screen computer. A 15-gallon hot liquor tank with a built-in heat exchange raises strike/sparging water to the ideal brewing temperature and automatically circulates it to a 15-gallon mash/lauter tun that extracts sugar from the ground grain, or mash. When the extraction is complete, the liquid is pumped to a 20-gallon boil kettle where the mash is converted into the final wort. During the boil, the system reminds users to pitch hops according to the recipe entered. After the boil has finished, the wort is cooled as it is pumped from the boil kettle to a free-standing 14-gallon stainless steel fermentation tank, and the unit signals when it is time to add yeast. Electric level sensors, gauges, and temperature detectors relay information back to the computer, providing accurate, real-time monitoring of the brewing process.

Kitty Cat Toilet

Never touch, smell, or buy cat litter again. The CatGenie 120 not only flushes waste away, but also washes itself clean. It has been tested, used, and recommended by veterinarians nationwide. Plus, it’s , using the biodegradable, recyclable SaniSolution cartridge for cleansing. Just hook up the CatGenie 120 to a cold water outlet, and plug in the electrical cord. Litter-like Washable Granules line the bottom of the box. When your kitty goes, the liquid drains away from the Granules, so only the waste gets flushed. The GenieHand then scoops out the solid waste, which is turned to liquid for safe, easy removal. Fresh water fills the basin, and the GenieHand scrubs and scours the box and Granules. The cat-safe SaniSolution decontaminates everything, while the waste and sudsy water are flushed or drained away. A hot-air blower completely dries the Granules and box. The Granules are permanent and never need to be changed. Train your cat to start the cleaning process, or set an automatic timer. Each SaniSolution cartridge holds at least 120 washes.

Send the Gift of Poop

Gorilla Poop
We will send your friend or enemy a healthy helping of some of the nastiest, stinkiest, fresh poop packages you have ever seen. We have several varieties of poop that we can send, including a special poop of the month. Go to the order page to see what's on special this month.

Naughty Roasting Sticks

Let this couple roast your goodies next time you're around the campfire. These steel roasting sticks feature an anatomically correct male with a 4 inch roasting stake and a sassy lady with two 2 inch stakes. Wooden handles for your comfort. Cook hot dogs, veggies, marshmallows and much more. Fun and functional.

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

With one of these, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson could chop down the entire banana tree! Perfect for an outdoor game, even a hurricane couldn’t knock these off your picnic table. These super sleek playing cards are crafted from high-grade stainless steel. Each brush satin finish is beautifully etched with a specially created English style playing card design. This full deck of playing cards, including two jokers, comes in a foam-lined black needle cord box. This product makes for an exceptional gift for any playing card enthusiast with a taste for excellence and style. These stainless steel playing cards, perhaps the most unique deck on the planet, look incredible on any poker (or picnic) table.

Medieval Knight Hoodie

Medieval Knight Hoodie
Who doesn't want to look like a knight while wearing a perfectly warm winter hoodie? These are custom made hoodies designed to be used in place of heavy winter jackets, with the face mask pulling double duty and actually keeping your face warm.


The human mind can play devious tricks on itself, especially when given a small amount of outside stimuli to work with. Your thoughts can easily lead you into a maze of paranoia and put you into a very uncomfortable state of heightened awareness. That odd noise that just came from the attic or the "face" you just saw hovering for a split second outside your window - these things can really stir your thoughts. So, we used this simple principle to create our newest mind toy, the EvilTron. This fiendishly small device features six creepy sound choices perfect for frightening your "friends" and co-workers. Simply choose your favorite sound (or use the random mode), place it in a dark hiding spot and watch the madness begin. Perfectly suitable for dorm, office and home use. Or try putting it in someone's car - that gets them every time. EvilTron Sounds Are: * Something unsettling creaking * Unidentifiable scratching sounds * Gasping last breath * Sinister child laughing * Eerie whispering of 'hey, can you hear me?' * Random Mode.

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee
Our company's mission was to develop an insanely strong coffee that was dark, highly caffeinated, and very flavorful. Mission accomplished! Introducing, Death Wish Coffee - The World's Strongest Coffee. Not for the weak. Our special blend of beans are inspected before and after the roasting process to ensure proper roast consistency and bean density. Every aspect of our coffee is optimal for providing a strong, robust, flavorful brew. Get yours while supplies last.


Glux is a powerful super putty that stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper. It can even shatter like ceramic! Use Glux to work out your stress, and unlock your creative powers. This Iridescent edition of Glux will allow you to see light in a whole new way. Its ultra-shiny surface catches light and bounces it off its surface, giving the putty a powerful shimmering effect! You can see different colors in the putty by bouncing light off of it in different ways.

Gadget Charging Backpack

Gadget Charging Backpack
The traveling geek, or homo ambulus, is an interesting animal. Watch as he glides through the airport - head held high, hand gripping his mobile phone and charging cable. His head pivots left and right, endlessly searching for his prey. His quarry - the ever-elusive power outlet. Already, the other hunters in the airport have laid claim to their outlets, jealously guarding their kills as they hunch over charging laptops, tablets, and phones, desperate for a quick top-up before boarding. But soon, he sees one - all alone in a terminal recently vacated by businessmen boarding a flight to Boston. He makes a mad dash straight for the free outlet, and arrives at the same time as another traveling geek, also armed with a phone and charging cable. Now, we witness the graceful dance as each pretends that the other may go first. Enter the next evolution in traveling geeks - homo ambulus sapiens. Like a camel, he carries extra power on his back. The backpack he wears holds up to 6000mAh of power in a rechargeable battery. Threaded through the pockets of his pack are cables with USB mini, micro, and Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad dock-connectors. Lightweight and full of pockets, his backpack is big enough to carry up to a 17-inch laptop, iPad, mobile phones, cameras and more! Charging from a wall-outlet when he can, he can fully charge his cell-phone three times over. As his peers languish at the ever diminishing available outlets, homo ambulus sapiens continues on, unperturbed, to his next great adventure.
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